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COVID-19 Vaccine Provider Preparations

Wednesday, December 9, 2020

In preparation for the arrival and distribution of the COVID-10 vaccine, there are some important steps to be taken if you plan to be a provider of the vaccine.

The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) Division of Immunizations has released an online COVID-19 Provider Vaccination Registration form.  Health care organizations, pharmacies and providers who plan to participate in the administration of the COVID-19 vaccine may now enroll.

All health care providers who intend to provide COVID-19 vaccinations must complete an application to be eligible to provide this vaccine. Approval does not automatically mean that you will receive the vaccine immediately. Please reference the MDHHS Vaccination Plan for information on priority groups and distribution plans. To assist with preparation to complete the application, there is a sample COVID-19 Provider Registration form (Section A and Section B) available to review. Additionally, there is a registration frequently asked questions (FAQ) document that has information on how to enroll in the Michigan Care Improvement Registry (MCIR) which is a pre-requisite to applying to be a COVID-19 provider

  • Hospitals and Local Health Departments who have already completed an application via the previous fillable PDF enrollment form, do not need to repeat an application. 
  • Pharmacies who are already participating at the Federal level (federal pharmacy contract to vaccinate LTC/SNFs) SHOULD NOT apply at the Michigan level.  HOWEVER, these pharmacies need to be registered in MCIR (see FAQ sheet for information on how to get registered in MCIR).
  • Health Care Providers who are already enrolled to provide Flu vaccinations and intend to provide COVID-19 vaccinations, must also complete COVID-19 registration to be eligible for the CDC COVID-19 Vaccination Program.

MDHHS has also released a COVID-19 vaccine comprehensive guide for providers that addresses recommendations and billing; patient education and adverse event reporting; storage and handling; vaccine administration; dose documentation; priority groups; ordering and receiving vaccine and ancillary supplies; and, inventory management, redistribution, and waste/loss. 

MSMS continues to participate in the state’s Immunization Planning Committee to provide physician input in the state vaccine plan. We will also continue to provide messaging and education to members as part of our MDHHS Immunization Grant. For more information, contact Dara Barrera, manager, practice management and health information technology.

Questions on the vaccine registration may be sent to


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