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Bringing Employees Back to Work

Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Now that Michigan is starting to reopen, employers must figure out how to bring employees back to the workplace safely. In the video below, Jodi Schafer, Principal with HRM Services, talks through the recall process and shares a step-by-step approach for handling possible employee responses to a return-to-work notice.

For those practices who anticipate a gradual ramping up of business, you may want to investigate the possibility of using a Work Share program through UIA to bring staff back on limited schedules. Work Share allows for reduced wages to be supplemented with some unemployment assistance and continued eligibility for the additional $600/week in PUA (CARES Act) payments through July 31st. Work Share rules are more flexible than typical underemployment in regards to earning calculations and much easier to certify for.


If you have any human resources questions, please don't hesitate to contact Jodi Schafer as the first 30-minute consultation is free to MSMS members.