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BREAKING! Maintenance of Certification Bills Head to the Governor

Thursday, December 20, 2018

House Bills 4134 and 4135, introduced by Representative Edward J. Canfield, DO, which will help rein in maintenance of certification (MOC) red tape for primary care physicians, received their final stamp of approval from the legislature, passing unanimously out of the Michigan Senate on the evening of Tuesday, December 18. The bills now head to Governor Snyder's desk where they will almost assuredly be signed into law.

With the passage of this legislation, insurance companies will be prohibited from requiring MOC as a sole condition of reimbursement, specifically for those specialties where our state is experiencing some of the most acute physician shortages, namely the primary care specialties of family medicine, internal medicine and pediatrics. The bill package also preempts any future effort to make state medical licensure contingent upon completion of MOC.

It goes without saying that the physician advocates who testified or participated in one of our round tables or contacted their lawmakers played a critical role in getting this done. It was a long journey and that these efforts culminated in the passage of the legislation exemplifies the value of persistent advocacy.

Capping the year with a legislative win that addresses one of MSMS' strategic priorities, sets a positive tone for Michigan physicians as we embark on 2019. Without question the new year will bring a new host of opportunities and challenges. Coming off this win, we will prepare to roll up our sleeves and start fresh, pursuing our legislative agenda and keeping in mind our key objective of making Michigan a better place for physicians and patients.

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