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BCBSM Is Surveying Physicians and Their Staff

Friday, October 29, 2021

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan (BCBSM) notified the Michigan State Medical Society last week that they are sending surveys to physicians and their staff. From physicians, they are looking for input on their overall satisfaction with BCBSM. There are three categories the survey will focus on:

  1. Relationship – overall plan satisfaction, ease of doing business, and partnership/support
  2. Competitors – identify the best plan they work with and why, partnership/support, plan satisfaction and ease of doing business
  3. Outlook – input into new strategies/programs/care delivery, direction of BCBSM collaboration, and contracting/incentive opportunities.

The survey will also focus on practice operations and support tools, with three categories:

  1. Operations – staffing/burnout, appointment availability (in-person and telehealth), claims processing/compensation, and utilization management
  2. Information – communications, getting answers/help, and online portal
  3. Physician type (PCP/specialist) – career tenure, demographics, and open remarks.

The BCBSM survey is targeting 28,000 physicians and 8,200 practices, with 30% being primary care and 70% being specialty care. The invitations are being sent as an email to physicians and mailed to the practice for the staff. This is an online survey taking between 8-10 minutes. 

MSMS will share the information once the results have been tabulated.