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A Warning from CPAN to All Auto No-Fault Patients

A Warning from CPAN to All Auto No-Fault Patients

Wednesday, April 28, 2021

George Sinas, CPAN General Counsel

If you or your patients were injured in a motor vehicle accident prior to June 11, 2019 (the date Michigan’s new Auto No-Fault Laws went into effect), beginning July 1, 2021, auto no-fault insurance companies may attempt to apply certain provisions of these new laws to reduce the PIP benefits claim. The most significant of these provisions deals with limiting reimbursement for family-provided attendant care services to 56 hours per week and the application of new statutory fee schedules to those attendant care services. The complex legal issue regarding whether these new 2019 laws can be retroactively applied to patients who were injured before those laws went into effect is currently being litigated in the Michigan Appellate Courts. Therefore, if you or your patients are approached by your no-fault insurance company, you should not agree, verbally or in writing, that any of these 2019 laws apply to your claim until after you have consulted with an attorney who is very knowledgeable about the Michigan Auto No-Fault Law and these recent legislative changes. Negotiating or agreeing to allow any changes to an existing no-fault PIP benefit claim, without first obtaining such professional advice, could seriously impair legal rights. Providers and patients may obtain more information regarding the status of this issue by contacting CPAN.  

CPAN Needs Your Help!

If you have received any correspondence from an adjuster or your insurance company in relationship to the July 2 changes, fee schedule, attendant care etc. please send CPAN a copy.  You can redact any personal information, we just want to gather information about what insurers are sending - notifying people about etc. as soon as possible.  If you have questions, feel free to call 517 882-1096 or send via email to

2. Have you received a response from your lawmaker?  If you have sent an email or letter and received a response from your lawmaker, please forward a copy to