Snyder to Flint: 'I'm Sorry and I'll Fix It'

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Snyder to Flint: 'I'm Sorry and I'll Fix It'

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

In his sixth State of the State Address, Governor Snyder focused mostly on the Flint Water Crisis. In his speech, he called for more support and education from the healthcare community. As a result, the Partnership for Michigan's Health stands ready and willing to assist the residents of Flint. The following statement was issued in response: The first priority of Michigan's health systems, hospitals and physicians is the health of our communities. As the citizens of Flint find themselves in the midst of a crisis to ensure they have access to safe, clean water, the healthcare community stands ready to assist. The MHA, the MSMS, the MOA and their member healthcare providers across Michigan are reviewing the action steps put forth by the Snyder administration to determine how to best engage hospitals and physicians in a coordinated effort to ensure Flint residents have access to the health-related services and education they need.

Formed in 2002, the Partnership for Michigan's Health includes the Michigan Health & Hospital Association, the Michigan Osteopathic Association and the Michigan State Medical Society. The group works closely with all stakeholders, including business, labor, manufacturers, the insurance industry, lawmakers and the governor's office.

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