Physicians stand together in fight to preserve competition -- and win

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Physicians stand together in fight to preserve competition -- and win

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

By: David Krhovsky, MD, President, Michigan State Medical Society

Several weeks ago, trial courts blocked a pair of proposed health care mergers that would have limited competition and driven up costs for patients across the nation.

The decisions, stopping Anthem’s proposed acquisition of Cigna, and Aetna’s proposed acquisition of Humana, came after a 18 months of intense lobbying by the physician community and are just the latest example of what physicians can accomplish when we stand together.

The American Medical Association did remarkable work demonstrating to regulators the folly of the mergers that would have led to lower reimbursements for providers, less collaboration, and, inevitably, higher out-of-pocket and insurance coverage costs for the patients who physicians dedicate their lives to serving.

Working together, the physician community provided critical data and evidence that enabled regulators to make the best informed decisions.

Victories like these and like the many we see each and every year in the Michigan legislature are enduring testaments to the importance of standing together to put our patients first.

Patients' rights would be diminished, their costs would be greater, and their access to care would be significantly more limited, if it weren't for the work of collaborative organizations like the Michigan State Medical Society and the AMA.

Teamwork is making a difference, and we need more of it daily.

On behalf of everyone at MSMS, thank you for standing with us, and thank you for consistently putting your patients first. Together, we're making a real difference.