Michigan Physicians Praise Governor for Vetoing Dangerous E-Cigarette Legislation

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Michigan Physicians Praise Governor for Vetoing Dangerous E-Cigarette Legislation

Friday, January 16, 2015

LANSING, MI - Physicians with the Michigan State Medical Society today praised Governor Rick Snyder for vetoing dangerous e-cigarette legislation that would have threatened the health of infants, minors, expectant mothers and patients across Michigan.

"The medical science is clear -- E-Cigarettes are dangerous and threaten the health of children," said James D. Grant, M.D., President of the Michigan State Medical Society. "Governor Snyder has been a remarkable advocate for Michigan children, infants, and expectant mothers and his veto today puts the welfare of our kids before the profits of big tobacco companies."

Electronic cigarettes are in no way a safe substitute to smoking, but the legislation vetoed today by Snyder would have given them special treatment and undermined Michigan's fight against smoking and tobacco-related diseases.

E-Cigarettes are dangerous and endanger the health of children and adults alike. The vetoed bills failed to define the addictive electronic devices as tobacco products, opening them up to greater use and risking the health of residents across the state. By carving out exemptions for e-cigarettes, the legislation had the potential to weaken existing tobacco regulations.

"Michigan has come a long way in its fight against tobacco-related disease," said Grant. "These bills would have been a giant step backwards, and Governor Snyder was wise to veto them."