President's Perspective: Large Michigan Employers Pioneering Changes in Health Care Delivery

Michigan’s economy is booming, and employers are looking for newer, better, and more effective ways to recruit and retain talent.

What they’ve learned is that providing newer, better, and more effective health care benefits can make all the difference.


In this edition of Michigan Medicine, you’ll hear about Michigan businesses and the Michigan physicians who are helping them revolutionize the benefits they offer employees and their families. 


From on-site and walk-up primary care options at Dow in Midland to direct contracting for salaried employees at General Motors, and many more in between, new approaches to health care access and delivery are changing the way patients seek treatment and the way some of the state’s biggest employers source their care.


You’ll also read about broader national trends in health care benefits, and ways some employers are getting third-party payers out of the health care equation altogether.

The way Michigan seeks and pays for health care is changing, and Michigan physicians are leading the charge.