President's Perspective: Prior Authorization



Health can’t wait. It’s a reality that physicians understand and patients experience. Tragically, insurance company bureaucracy too often stands between patients and the medicine, treatment, or testing their physicians believe they need.


Prior authorization, step therapy, and fail first requirements hamstring treatment, drive up prescription nonadherence and lead to diminished health. They also cost lives.


In this edition of Michigan Medicine®, you’ll hear from Michigan patients, providers, and practice staff about the devastating impact prior authorization has on the state’s patient community.


You’ll learn about the very personal, very human toll of that kind of red tape and regulation. You’ll also learn about the latest studies and numbers, painting a fuller picture of the national devastation of these types of payer practices.


The good news is patients aren’t in this alone. They’ve got champions, and we’re ready to fight.


In this issue you’ll learn about a brand new coalition that’s been created in Michigan to defend patients against these costly, onerous, and dangerous payer practices. The initiative – titled Health Can’t Wait – is bringing together the state’s leading physician and health care associations and organizations to speak with a single, clear voice and tell policymakers it’s time to put Michigan patients first.





Betty Chu, MD, MBA

MSMS President