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May/June 2019

Cover Story:

Fresh Faces on the Frontlines of State Departments Work to Support Physicians

Also In This Issue:

  • May is Hepatitis Awareness Month
  • Understanding the Independent Contractor Relationship. Who Qualifies? 
  • MSMS Regulatory Advocacy
  • Wearable Medical Devices Give Abundant Data - and Risks

March/April 2019

Cover Story:


Also In This Issue:

  • It's Time for Kindergarten Roundup: Make Sure Your Pediatric Patients are Up-to-Date on Vaccines
  • WHEN can you Google search a job applicant? That is the question.
  • New Controlled Substance Prescribing Rules in Effect
  • Survey: Doctors Conflicted but Patients Still Top Concern

January/February 2019 [Members Only]

Cover Story:

Health Care Dominates 2018 Election Cycle

Also In This Issue:

  • Recreational Marihuana is Legal. Now What?
  • Michigan Legislature Dominated by New Names, Faces
  • MSMS Legislative & Regulatory Platform and Priorities
  • Survey: Doctors Conflicted but Patients Still Top Concern

November/December 2018 [Members Only]

Cover Story:

Reengineer Your Work Day to Prevent Burnout
Also In This Issue:

  • Michigan Legislation on Sexual Assault Prevention and Retention of Medical Records
  • The Rise of Vaccine-Preventable Diseases
  • Distraction Devices in Healthcare: Malpractice Implications 
  • Providing Letters of Recommendation for Departing Staff: A Worthwhile Pursuit or an Invitation for a Lawsuit?

September/October 2018 [Members Only]

Cover Story:

EHRs and Interoperability: The Fatal Flaw
Also In This Issue:

  • Wrapping Up the 2017-18 Flu Season and Looking Ahead to Prevent Flu in 2018-19
  • Michigan Primary Elections Bring Surprises; Expected Outcomes
  • EHRs Can Advance Good Medicine if Doctors are Aware of the Risks 
  • Confrontation is hard, but saying hard things doesn't have to be paralyzing

July/August 2018 [Members Only]

Cover Story:

Negotiating with Payers
Also In This Issue:

  • Use of Herpes Zoster Vaccine
  • Communication and Resolution Programs Improve Patient Safety, Mitigate Risk
  • A Culture of Respect...Little Things Can Make a BIG Difference