Michigan Licensure Renewal Requirements

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Michigan Licensure Renewal Requirements

Friday, January 1, 2016

In Michigan, every three years, all licensed medical doctors must renew their licenses and certify compliance with state continuing medical education laws by submission of the renewal application for licensure renewal. The deadline to renew medical licenses is January 31 every year. The Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA) sends medical license renewal applications by mail to current licensed physicians approximately 45 days prior to the deadline; typically, in early December. If you are unsure if you need to renew, check the expiration date on your current medical license. If you do not receive your renewal forms in the mail, you may contact LARA at 517-241-0199 or www.michigan.gov/healthlicense.

Each physician is required to complete 150 credits of continuing medical education in activities approved by the Michigan Board of Medicine, of which not less that 50 percent, or 75 credits, of the required 150 credits must be earned in activities designed as Category 1 (accredited) or Category 6 (residency) programs.

Upon receiving your renewal notification, physicians must go online at www.michigan.gov/mylicense to renew by the January 31 deadline. Physicians whose licenses have been expired for more than 60 days must apply for relicensure.

If a physician has not achieved their required 150 credits for renewal, it is important that proper steps are taken to not jeopardize the continuation of licensure. These include:

  • STEP 1: Do not summit your renewal notification if you have not achieved the 150 credit requirement. Doing so is a violation of the Michigan Public Health Code and is subject to license sanctions.
  • STEP 2: Complete the missing credits within your 60-day grace period following your expiration date (January 31).
  • STEP 3: Assemble your documentation of your 150 credits in case you are audited.
  • STEP 4: Renew online within the 60 day grace period only after all of your required credits have been obtained. Along with the renewal fee, an additional $20.00 late fee will be charged.

In addition, there are certain circumstances in which CME may be waived, according to the Public Health Code; these include disability, military service, absence from the United States and other circumstances beyond the licensee's control. However, physician must request a waiver prior to their January 31 expiration from LARA. The Board of Medicine will review your application and determine if you qualify for a waiver. It is important that you do not proceed further until the Board acts on your waiver.

Submission of the renewal application and fee is considered a statement that the continuing education requirement has been met. Failure to comply with the licensure requirement could result in reprimand, probation, denial, suspension, revocation, limitation, restitution, and/or fines.

Keeping track of your credits is vital to maintaining your licensure. Many tools are available including applications/tracking software for your smart phones, tablets and personal computers. A few of the systems that we viewed were Genius Vision, CME Tracker, eeds™, and Epocrates CME*. Of course the paper method works just as well too. The MSMS Record-Keeping Folder is a useful document in organizing your licensure requirements/activities. It is available online and can be downloaded at www.msms.org/education/educationresources/cmeresources or a hard copy can be requested through MSMS.

For assistance in obtaining your MSMS Accredited CME certificates or transcripts from MSMS Foundation programs, contact Marianne BenHamza at MSMS at 517/336-7581.

For more information about medical licensure, contact Stacey Hettiger at 517-336-5766.

*MSMS is not endorsing any of the application/software company mentioned in this article.