Healthy Michigan Plan -- Health Risk Assessments

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Healthy Michigan Plan -- Health Risk Assessments

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Under the Healthy Michigan Plan (HMP) all newly enrolled members are to complete an Health Risk Assessment (HRA). Several sections are to be filled out by the physician or other member of the health care team at the patient's initial primary care visit. All required sections must be complete for the form to be considered eligible including yes/no boxes, BP, weight, BMI, date, NPI, selection of a healthy behavior, etc.

Physicians receive a financial incentive for each completed HRA returned to the member's health plan. However, in order to be paid the incentive, all required fields must be completed, the writing must be legible, and the form must be returned within the prescribed timeline. Incentive amounts vary by health plan.

Michigan Medicaid officials have asked that MSMS work with them to help encourage the completion and submission of the HRAs as they are being returned at a very low rate. CMS conditioned its approval of the second waiver on various conditions including expectations of the completion of health behaviors and the development of an updated Healthy Behaviors Protocol. The HRAs are one mechanism the state can use to verify that beneficiaries have selected a healthy behavior in consultation with their primary care provider.

MSMS would appreciate any feedback on the HRA. Please share best practices and/or barriers your practice has encountered with Rebecca Blake.