Awkward Patient Collection Calls Made Easy

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Awkward Patient Collection Calls Made Easy

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

When one of your patients has a past-due bill, do you dread or procrastinate over having to make a collection call? And when you make the call, do you feel anxious, or uncertain of what to say and how to say it? It's only natural to have misgivings; collection calls can be difficult and even confrontational. And what's more, if these calls aren't handled correctly, they can damage your patient relationships, cause a decline in patient retention, and put your office at risk.

The trick is to make the experience positive for both your office and the past-due patient. But how does that happen? MSMS Practice Solutions partner, IC System, has put together 10 easy steps to ensure you're prepared for your next collection call. By using these steps, you can get to the root of the problem and negotiate a payment, all while retaining your important patient relationships.

Download the 10 simple steps infographic and share it with your staff today >>