MSMS Policy Manual

The MSMS Policy Manual is intended as a reference tool and resource document for MSMS members. It includes all policy actions of the MSMS House of Delegates and of the MSMS Board of Directors. The MSMS Policy Manual is reviewed annually to ensure that MSMS members have access to the Society’s most recent policies on the vital issues of concern to the medical profession. If you have any questions, please contact MSMS.

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MSMS Policy Manual Addenda

Addendum A
Compassionate Care and Comfort Guidelines
Addendum B
Infant Formula Advertising
Addendum C
Drug Screening in the Workplace
Addendum D
Great Lakes Toxins
Addendum E
Integrity and the Values and Principles Embedded in the Tradition of Medicine
Addendum F
Speciality Society Clinical Care Guidelines
Addendum G
Guidelines on Applications for Hospital Medical Staff Privileges
Addendum H
Suggested Guidelines for Determining Medical/Legal Fees
Addendum I
Principles between Physicians and Lawyers
Addendum J
Principles on Release of Physician Specific Data
Addendum K
AMA Statement of Collaborative Intent
Addendum L
Michigan Association of Health Plans [Common Credentialing Form] Contact Executive Office for form.
Addendum M
Precise Definition of Public Health and Proper Role of a Public Health Department
Addendum N
Principles for Utilization Management and Medical Review Programs
Addendum O
Driving and Dementia: Report on the November 24, 1997 Conference Sponsored by the Committee of Aging of the Michigan State Medical Society
Addendum P
Guiding Principles for the Future of Medicine and Health Care
Addendum Q
The Michigan Definition for the Patient-Centered Medical Home

Addendum R
Consensus Statement of the Medical Society Consortium on Climate and Health
Addendum S
Behavioral Health Integration Guiding Principles