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Free "Lunch and Learn" Policy Webinars

The Michigan State Medical Society (MSMS) Foundation is now offering webinars as part of our online education and training initiative.

These webinars will be held year-round based on demand. Topics will include issues and developments important to physicians and their practices.

August 2015

Opioids and Michigan Workers' Compensation Webinar
Wednesday, August 12, 2015
12:15 - 1:00 pm
No cost, but registration is required

David Campbell, MA, CRC
Workers' Compensation Agency
State of Michigan
Kristina Kloc
Health Care Services Division
State of Michigan
Paul Kauffman
Director of Medical Programs
Accident Fund Insurance Company of America

The State of Michigan Workers’ Compensation Agency is pleased to have the opportunity to discuss the new Michigan Workers’ Compensation reimbursement rules related to chronic opioid use. This section of the webinar will provide practitioners with a thorough understanding of the new opioid reimbursement rules and their impact on providers who treat injured workers. Topics include:

  • The history of the rule
  • Understanding the definition of "chronic" in relation to the rule
  • Explanation of required documentation for reimbursement of treatment for chronic, non-cancer pain with opioids
  • Review of new billing codes that allow for practitioner reimbursement for additional services being provided
  • Familiarizing the practitioner with the State of Michigan Workers’ Compensation Agency website for additional opioid resource materials and forms

The Impact to Injured Workers in Using Opioids to Treat Chronic Pain - presented by the Accident Fund Insurance Company of America

Many injured workers are prescribed opioid pain medication for acute injures and to assist in their rehabilitation after surgery. When these medications are utilized for those conditions, they tend to prescribed for a short time and discontinued when pain has minimized and function has increased. However, for injured workers prescribed pain medication for chronic pain, pain that persists beyond the expected healing time or 90 days, they are at an increased risk for dependency, addiction and death. In 2013, over 16,000 people died due to prescription opioids overdose, more than the number of drug overdoses from heroin and cocaine combined. The goal of this section of the webinar is to provide practitioners with information regarding the long term use of opioids. Objectives include:

  • National statics
  • Research studies regarding the long term use of opioids
  • Long term side effects from using opioids
  • Dependency, addiction and death
  • How opioid use started in treatment of WC claimants
  • National standards developed for prescribing opioids long term

Registrants will be emailed the webinar link and call-in instructions prior to the event.

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